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UCA Game Day

Game Day at UCA Regional Competitions and the UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship

The format for Regionals and Nationals will be similar to camp with the addition of Fight Song as a fourth element. Teams are permitted, but not required, to use camp material to demonstrate the game day environment at their school. With all four elements combined, the Game Day Routine cannot exceed a 3 minute time limit. All skill restrictions from camp format are enforced.

BAND CHANT and SITUATIONAL SIDELINE will be consistent with the summer camp format. Following band chant, the announcer will provide the cue for offense or defense.

Following the sideline, teams can transition immediately into their choice of CROWD LEADING material. This can be a cheer reflective of a one minute timeout, but can also be a general sideline or spell-out that encourages fans to yell along.

The FIGHT SONG should represent the traditional Fight Song your school has always done at games. Teams can incorporate up to three consecutive 8-counts of crowd effective stunts, tumbling, and/or jumps and can include spirit raising props to enhance the overall effect. For teams that do not have an official fight song, it is recommended to use a second selection of band chant music. Music guidelines are available at


Teams must attend a UCA qualifying tournament in order to earn a bid to the NHSCC. Only squads that have been credentialed at a 2018 Varsity Spirit camp are eligible to qualify.

Championship Information

Game Day at UCA Summer Camp

All teams will perform a Band Chant, Situational Sideline, and Cheer in that order. The Sideline and Cheer will be evaluated separately, allowing teams to receive a written evaluation and ribbon for each. Band Chants will not be evaluated but will be added to the overall routine and included as part of the Camp Championship on final day. The use of spirit raising props like signs, poms, flags and megaphones is required for each element. Squads are encouraged to incorporate practical skills that enhance their crowd leading ability. (NOTE: please review skill restrictions below)

BAND CHANT: Performed to “Hang On Sloopy.” No cue will be given and teams should demonstrate spirit and enthusiasm until music begins. Once the music begins, the band chant cannot incorporate any skill other than kicks and jumps but should showcase the squad’s sharp motions, high energy and synchronization. Teams may use the motions/dance taught at camp or choreography from home.

SITUATIONAL SIDELINE: Cued by announcer to indicate offense or defense. Teams will have been private coached and prepared for both scenarios and should demonstrate genuine spirit and energy following Band Chant until cue is given. We encourage the use of spirit raising props and practical skills that allow the squad to adjust quickly to either situation.

CHEER: Chosen from material taught during daily cheer class. No cue will be given by announcer so teams will transition directly from the Sideline. The cheer is not timed but should be reflective of a one minute timeout during a game.

Skill Restrictions: (Enforced for entire Game Day routine)
  • - Single leg skills are limited to liberty and hitch position.
  • - Running tumbling is prohibited.
  • - Standing tumbling skills are limited to single skills. No connections or jump-tumble combinations are permitted. (Most difficult skill = back tuck)
  • - Band Chants skills are limited to kicks and jumps.

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