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The Universal Cheerleaders Association works to develop the best mascots in the nation – and we want to work with your school! As characters becoming increasingly popular, what better way to promote school spirit than with a great mascot? 

College Mascot National Championship

Mascot Summer Camp

  • Train with experienced UCA mascot instructors
  • Compete to become an All-American Mascot
  • Earn ribbons, spirit sticks, medals, and trophies
  • Learn skits to entertain at pep rallies and games
  • Receive a Mascot Manual and DVD with music and skits highlighting some of the nation’s best collegiate mascots

What to Expect:

While cheerleaders are working hard to learn routines and skills, our mascots are doing the same thing! Mascots will explore such important guidelines as:

  • Character building through emotions, animation, crowd interaction, and skit production
  • Athletic sports nutrition and hydration as well as proper costume maintenance
  • Improvisational skills using various games and scenarios
  • All camp participants may also bring a prepared two-minute skit to camp – complete with
    props and music – for a chance to perform and possibly become an All-American
  • The camp will conclude with all mascots performing “Mascot Follies”. This showcases skills learned during the week through hilarious skits, line dances, and always ends with the crowd on their feet! UCA aims to make this the best week of the summer, complete with lots of laughter, fun and great new friends.

What to bring to camp:

Beside all of the necessary materials you will also need:

  • Mascot costume(s)
  • Athletic apparel to wear during camp
  • A prepared 1:30-2:00 minute skit with a theme, props, music, and a crowd appeal. This will be used for anyone who wished to try out for "All-American: mascot and a chance to perform at the Capital-One Bowl.

                           "If the fur ain't flyin,' you ain't tryin'!"

Past Winners from the UCA UDA College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championship

Year Division 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1990 Mascot Univ. of Missouri "Truman"

1991 Mascot Auburn Univ-Aubie Kansas State - Willie NC State- Mr Wolf
1993 Mascot Georgia Tech

1994 Mascot Univ of SC-Cocky Univ of TN - Smokey Univ of KY - Wildcat
1995 Mascot Auburn Univ-Aubie Virginia Tech - Hokie Wright State University
1996 Mascot Auburn U - Aubie Univ of Kentucky-Wildcat Clemson Univ-Tiger
1997 Mascot Univ of Utah-Swoop U of Kentucky-Wildcat Auburn U-Aubie
1998 Mascot U of Alabama-Big AL Auburn U-Aubie U of Kentucky-Wildcat
1999 Mascot Auburn U-Aubie Univ of Delaware-YouDee Univ of Kentucky-Wildcat
2000 Mascot Univ of TN-Smokey Univ of AL-Big Al Univ of NE-Lil'Red
2001 Mascot Univ of TN - Smokey Univ of SC - Cocky Auburn Univ - Aubie
2002 Mascot Univ of DE- YouDee Univ of TN- Smokey Univ of MN- Goldy
2003 Mascot "Aubie" Auburn "Big Al"  Alabama "Smokey" Tennessee
2004 Mascot "Sparty" Michigan State "Aubie" Auburn U "YoUDee" U of Delaware
2005 Mascot Michigan State University University of Tennessee University of MN - Minneapolis
2006 Mascot Auburn University - Aubie Arkansas State Univ.- Red Michigan State Univ-Sparty
2007 Mascot Michigan State Univ - Sparty Auburn University - Aubie University of MN - Goldy Gopher
2008 Mascot University of Tennessee - Smokey Univ of Wisconsin -Madison Auburn University - Aubie
2009 Open Mascot Univ of Delaware - YoUDee Concord Univ - Roar the Mnt Lion Univ of Montana - Monte

Division IA Mascot Univ of Colorado - Chip Auburn University - Aubie Univ of Minnesota - Goldy Gopher
2010 Open Mascot Univ of South Alabama - SouthPaw Univ of Delaware - YoUDee Northwest MO State - Bobby Bearcat

Division IA Mascot Univ of Colorado - Chip Auburn University - Aubie Univ of Minnesota - Goldy Gopher
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