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Universal Cheerleaders Association
6745 Lenox Center Court, Suite 300
Memphis, TN 38115
Phone: 888-CHEERUCA
Fax: 901.387.4317

Your Personal On Demand Service


These teams are based in UCA's National office and are here for you.  They handle everything from registrations of camps, competitions, and clinics, to accommodating every customer with personalized attention and care.

Camps Email
Residential / Day / Resort Camps:

West / Southeast Regions                                    

(CA, NV, HI, AK, AZ, ID, UT, WA, OR, MT, NC, SC, GA, FL)             

Keosha Lipsey ext. 4458

Midwest Region                                   

(OH, IN, WI, MN, IA, NE, SD, ND, IL, MO, MI, KS, CO, WY)

Erika Severs ext. 5562

Southwest / Northeast Regions                                               

(TX, OK, NM, NJ, MA, CT, RI, VT, NH, ME, PA, MD, DC, DE, NY, VA, WV)

Ainslie Turner ext. 4592

Midsouth Region

(TN, MS, LA, AL, KY, AR)

Tammy Collins ext. 5530










Home Camps:

West Region                                                                     

(CA, NV, HI, AK, AZ, ID, UT, WA, OR, MT)                             

Jennifer Burnett ext. 4545

Southwest Region                                                          

(TX, OK, NM)                                                                    

Mendy Terrell ext. 5553

Northeast Region                                                           

(NJ, MA, CT, RI, VT, NH, ME, PA, MD, DC, DE, NY, WV, VA)

Jennifer Burnett ext. 4545

Midwest Region                                                             

(OH, IN, WI, MN, IA, NE, SD, ND, IL, MO, MI, KS, CO, WY)

Missy Miller ext. 4337

Southeast Region                                                           

( NC, SC, GA, FL)                                                       

Chelsea Simoneaux ext. 5926

Mid-South Region                                                          

(TN, MS, LA, AL, KY, AR)                                     

Lisa Holder ext. 4316










V!ROC Camps   

Mendy Terrell ext. 5553

Please visit vroc.varsity.com
for more information on V!ROC

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