UCA has everything you need to run your tryouts!  Whether you need information on how to select judges, how to run tryouts, or you have questions about the overall tryout process, you can find it all right here.

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Section I - Running Your Tryouts

The Tryout Process
Selection by Student Body Vote
Selection by Qualified Judges
Selection by the Cheerleading Coach
Open Squad

Notification of Tryouts
Posted Announcements
Morning Announcements

Pre-Tryout Meeting
Tryout Procedure
Potential Time Involved
Approximate Monetary Costs/Fundraising Efforts
Constitution/Code of Conduct
General Program Goals

Selecting Judges
General Fees
Professional Judges
Area Cheerleader Coaches
Conflicts of Interest

Pre-Tryout Clinic
Assigning Numbers, Grouping Candidates
Mock Tryouts

Running the Tryout

Section II - Camp Selection

Camp Selection
Tips on how to pick the best camp for your squad!

 Hydration Tips:

Section III - Forms

The forms below are in both Word format, for easy editing, and PDF format, for you to print out.  You may choose to open or save the Word documents or print the PDF documents.

  • Judging Sheets:

    • Judging Sheet 1
      To use for all candidates.
      Word doc

    • Judging Sheet 2
      To use for candidates trying out in groups.
      Word Doc

    • Judging Sheet 3
      To use for each individual.
      Word Doc

  • Master Score Sheets:

    • Individual To see how they scored previous candidates in order to score evenly throughout.
      Word Doc

    • Tabulator To be used by someone with good calculating skills, preferably from the administration.
      Word Doc

  • Application for Tryouts Combines parent permission, warning of risk, and grade information.
    Word Doc

  • Teacher Recommendation Evaluation form that can be averaged together for one score.
    Word Doc

  • Judges' Information
    To help you collect information on your judges from start to finish.
    Word Doc

  • Sample Judges' Letter Basic information to send to your judges prior to the tryout.
    Word Doc

  • Parent Information To be filled out by all potential candidates' parents.  Includes financial and time considerations.
    Word Doc

  • Coaches' Checklist Lets you keep track of what to do, when to do it, and if it has been done.
    Word Doc


Good luck with tryouts!
We can't wait to see you at camp this summer!

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