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SMART Coaches Program

The Universal Cheerleaders Association SMART Coaches Program is an overview the job of a cheerleading coach. The five main components to this program are the following: Safety, Mentor, Action Plan, Role of the Cheerleader and Teambuildling. These are the five general categories that cover the wide variety of jobs and responsibilities held by the director of a spirit program.  These categories also include a great amount of crossover between them. Is safety a part of coaching? It is. Is leadership development a major part of Public Relations?  It certainly should be.  Dividing your job into these major components should help focus your attentions to the highest priorities and demands of you team. Click on each of the words below to get a closer look at the elements of the SMART Coaches Program.


Cheerleaders want to improve their skills and it is the responsibility of the coach to help them to progress safely. Coaching is the process by which a leader moves an athlete through a progression of skills in order to improve safely. The coach should spend time learning proper techniques, skill progressions and ways to determined performer readiness. Then, the coach should transfer his/her knowledge to the cheerleaders on his/her team. Safety is a major component of coaching and all coaches should have safety training in order for everyone to understand their role in safety on the team.


Every cheerleading squad interacts with many groups of people in the school and community. Through these interactions, these groups form opinions about your team. These opinions can be influenced through an effective program of Public Relations. The coach should be the most positive critic of the team and use every available method to display the squad in a positive light. The coach should be the driving force behind a positive image for the team and cheerleaders as individuals.

Action Plan  

As the coach, you should plan actions and strategies that will help your team to perform their job as cheerleaders. Planning game activities, pep rallies, team socials, fundraisers, etc. is part of your job responsibilities. This means you will have to communicate your message, not only to your team, but also to others at your school and  in your community. Good programming and planning by the coach will allow the cheerleaders to focus on their job of performance and leadership.

Role of the Cheerleader

The role of a cheerleader demands that they be able to "lead." This leadership is displayed not only on the sideline but also in the classroom and community.  The coach should strive to develop good leadership skills in all the cheerleaders on their team. This personal development takes time and effort, but the results will be evident. Cheerleading is a fantastic way for young people to develop skills that will last a lifetime.


This is a proactive approach to teaching your team how to function.  As the coach should try to help your squad's team members become friends.  Everyone is looking for guidance and instruction as to how the team will solve problems and weather adversities. Using teambuilding activities and programming to learn and develop strategies for coping with each other is an important step in the coaching process.

Perks of Attending Camp!

UCA Coaches Academy

Free E-learning for Cheer Coaches!

When: August 25th, 2011 11am CDT or 4pm CDT

Topic: Choreography

  • Gain knowledge about choreography and choosing a choreographer.
  • Learn the in's & out's of the UCA scoresheet
  • Boost your understanding of judges' perspectives on routines and scoring.


  • Josh McCurdy- UCA's Director of Curriculum
  • Carlos Munoz- UCA/UDA National Director of Competitions

How to Register: UCA sends out an email to all coaches who brought their teams to a 2011 UCA summer camp. If you attended a camp, but did not receive an email, please contact Lauri Harris to get your registration information.

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