Camp FAQ's

Q- What do you do if you can't get in touch with your Varsity Rep?

A- Call your state director or 1-888-CHEERUCA.

Q- What makes it an Elite camp?stunt

This type of camp is created for squads with incredible skills who have mastered advanced stunts and liberties, and are ready for the next level.  This camp includes more stunts and transitions classes at a faster pace, additional emphasis on spotting and safety, and private coaching each day on your personalizes camp routine with final day evaluations.

Q- What makes it a Stunt & Performance camp?

This camp is specifically for competitive teams, the camp focus will be on partner stunts, transitions, pyramids, choreography and competition-level performance. You can also qualify for the National All-Star Cheerleading Championship at Walt Disney World Resort at camps specifically for All Star teams.  Learn stunt routines set to music and test your creativity with our NEW "Choreography Challenge"! You can also participate in individual and team competitions and view for awards on each day of camp.

Q- When is my camp bill due?

A- Your deposit is due 45 days prior to camp.  Balance is due 21 days prior to camp (Resort camps are different).

Q- What do I do with my team's medical release forms?

A- Home camps need to send in their medical release forms to the main office.  Residential camps need to bring the medical release form to camp.

Q- How long can the Home Dance and Fight Song routine be? 

A- Check out the Rules here.

Q- When are parents allowed to come to camp?

A- The best time for parents to come is during All American tryouts on the final day!

Q- I have a credit on my account. How do I get that money back?

A -
You must request your refund in writing.  Click here for our refund policies.

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